Q: ‘Do you need a table or anything set up for you in order to perform?’
A: No. Most of Brendan’s repertoire happens either in his hands or in the hands of the guests. It’s ideally suited to a mix and mingle-type setting. As your magician, Brendan can perform at the tables during a party but it’s not necessary to set anything up for him to amaze and entertain your guests.

Q: ‘How do you integrate into an event?’
A: It depends on the event itself. Brendan is often hired to entertain guests during the more informal moments of an event, like the champagne reception of a party, or while the photos are being taken at a wedding. He can also entertain around the dinner table later on in the event, perhaps during the starter and then later during dessert and coffee. Brendan suggests avoiding performing during the main course if possible as it can be seen by guests as intrusive (not to mention getting in the way of service).

Q: ‘How far will you travel for an event?’
A: Anywhere.  Brendan has performed magic all over the world. If he’s available for your event, he’ll be there.

Q: ‘How much do you charge?’
A:  Fees are dependent upon a number of factors, all of which are covered on the contact form under the Contact tab, above. It depends where the event is, travel time and how long you’d like Brendan to join you, which in turn is dependent on how many people will be there. If you fill out the form, Brendan will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote tailored to your needs.

Q: ‘Do you have public liability insurance?’
A: Yes, up to £10million through membership of Equity, the performer’s union.

Q: ‘What is The Magic Circle?’
A: It’s the premier magical society’in the world, founded by magicians in order to advance the art of magic. It’s based in London and if you get the chance, you should visit the headquarters in a mysterious cobbled side street near Euston train station.

Q: ‘What does the writing on The Magic Circle logo ‘Indocilis Privata Loqui’ mean?’
A: It translates roughly, from the original Latin, as ‘Not apt to reveal secrets’.

Q: ‘How on earth did you do that?’
A: Like all good magicians, Brendan couldn’t possibly tell you.

Q: ‘Can you make my wife disappear?’
A: No.