The Magic

Imagine magic taking place right in front of you, right under your nose or in your hands. Objects multiply, disappear or transform before appearing in impossible locations. The harder you watch the less you see.

Minor miracles take place in the palm of your hand, thoughts are pulled from your mind. People laugh, scream or fall completely silent in astonishment. This is Close-up Magic and until you’ve seen a magician perform standing next to you, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Delivered with a relaxed style and humour, Brendan’s magic is guaranteed to leave your guests with a vivid memory of your event.


Every event is different so the close up magic I perform varies from person to person. I use a combination of card illusions, mind reading, graphology, sleight of hand and some strange demonstrations of mysterious secrets I’ve managed to find, from ancient gambling techniques, vaudeville skills and pulling objects from flames to something very special with a borrowed ring.

I try to match the material I perform to the type of event and type of people so sometimes one group will see something very different from another!

Brendan Patricks (London, 2012)