Private Party Magic

No matter what kind of event you’re holding, you can use Brendan’s magic to entertain your party guests. Below you can read some of the most common ways in which he help his clients make their events memorable and unique.

Whichever type of event you’re holding, close-up magic is a unique experience for your guests – an entertainment that many people have only seen on television.

If you’re holding a champagne reception or any party where your guests are mingling in small groups, close-up magic is a great way to create an atmosphere of amazement and enjoyment. As your magician, Brendan mixes and mingle with your guests performing magic for small groups, while introducing guests to each other.

Not only does it break the ice with guests, but it also provides a talking point that will be remembered long after the party is over. Having performed in hundreds of mix & mingle situations, Brendan knows exactly how to approach a group and within seconds have them laughing in amazement.

For larger events, with more than 150 guests, you may want to consider hiring more than one magician and in this case Brendan can arrange for a top magician colleague to join him in entertaining your guests providing double the magic.

Table Magic

Brendan amazes actress Joanna Page (Gavin & Stacey)

If you are holding a banquet or dinner for your party, you can add to the occasion by hiring a magician to perform some incredible close-up magic at their tables.

Having Brendan as your magician at dinner events is a great way to get the tables of guests talking and laughing with each other in no time. What’s more, Brendan’s magic…

Requires no technical set-up

Provides unique, personal entertainment at each table

Can cover any accidental gaps in service by keeping the guests entertained

Brendan tends to advise his clients to hire us to perform during the starter and dessert, allowing the diners to enjoy their main meal without interruption. This way your guests get the best of everything and remember your party for the great food and fine entertainment in equal measure.

Small Parties

If you’re having a more intimate party, Brendan can join you all for a 45 minute show to everyone incorporating mind reading, sleight of hand trickery, and a wealth of other magic.  This show is always tailored to your party and guests.

The Impossibilities are Endless!